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We can do prototyping to load your PCB correctly and efficiently the first time in the quickest possible turnaround. 

For example, you need 4 PCB’s assembled to send for EMC testing and you are busy developing the software, give us a call, we will help you.

Express turnaround is available on demand, contact us. 

Soltronico focus on prototypes and NPI (new product introduction), supporting low volume, high mix, with full service, and production capabilities.


PCB Assembly

We cater for low volumes (<500 PCB's) and high mix  assemblies (Through Hole and SMT).

Our manufacturing environment strives to be ESD safe (anti-static) and ROHS aware.


Solution for SMT:

Automated In-line SMT 

Solder Printer DEK Semiautomatic Screen Printer.

Pick & Place Juki and MyData machines.

Reflow Oven ERSA Hotflow5.

Reflow Asscon VP6000 for high reliability (medical, defence).

Manual Soldering to IPC-610 standards.

We can load SMT chip, IC components, to Ball Grid Array (BGA), CSP, LGA and very fine pitch QFP. 


Solution for through hole:

Hand Placement Experienced operators.

Semi Automated Solder equipment.

Manual Soldering.


Lead Free or Leaded.



Chassis and mechanical assembly.

Cable and wire loom assembly.

DIN terminals wiring assembly.

Box build.

Cable, wire crimping and loom assembly.

Switchboard panel assembly.

PLC Cabinets.

Led luminaries assembly and test.

Home Automation panels.

Energy smart panels.

HVAC control panels.

Low Voltage distribution boards



We inspect all our finished products, but in addition we can perform testing and programming using customers  instructions. We can use customer test jigs or build them for specific functional, burn in or In-Circuit Test.

So you can receive the highest possible yields in your electronic production. 

Service and Repair

We provide service contracts, repair and rework or modification for any type of electronic equipment .


Full turnkey manufacturing and support of electronic assembly and manufacturing of products for the Australian market.


We promise fast Turn Around Time delivery.


Full Turnkey manufacturing and support of electronic products

for the Australian market with

World Class customer service.


A list of Soltronico Services and Capabilities:

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